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Paperless Publications

Since the university’s founding, Bradley students and faculty have relied on a printed catalog for the academic calendar, graduation requirements, course descriptions, and faculty listings. A shelf in the Cullom-Davis Library reference section has bound catalogs dating back to 1902. The online archive of undergraduate catalogs has electronic (Adobe Acrobat) versions going back to 1999.

Beginning with the 2009-2010 catalog, Bradley will no longer publish paper copies for general distribution to students, prospective students, or faculty. In the past, we have published about 15,000 copies of the catalog each year, most going to prospective students. We are working to create a new online version that will be easy to navigate, search, and read on the screen. Users will also have the option of printing out individual sections.

Going to a paperless catalog will save the university tens of thousand of dollars each year and help reduce our impact on the environment. Each catalog consumes over one pound of paper, not to mention the energy used for printing and freight.

We are looking at additional publications that can be distributed electronically and are currently developing an attractive, easy-to-read e-mail format for newsletters and other communications. One plus to e-mail distribution is that you can easily provide comments or feedback simply by replying to the e-mail. And we’d love to hear from you.