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For Campus Use

The University has engaged in efforts to communicate our conversion of some print publications to electronic format, including instituting this Bgreen website conveying our intentions, placing notifications in Hilltopics and alumni communications, and sending a series of postcards.

In order for us to maintain an effective level of communications with our audience members, it is critical they are aware of this transition and, in turn, provide their email address.

We are making progress through our efforts, but it is crucial we continue to communicate this transition to audience members and we are asking for your help.

For all printed materials you are sending to external audiences, we request you include a Bgreen logo badge in the design.

As an example of how the Bgreen badge can be incorporated into your materials, the Office of Development placed a Bgreen badge on the reply card of a recent direct mail solicitation.

If you would like assistance with incorporating the Bgreen logo badge into your design or if you have any questions, please contact Sarah Dukes (677-2243).